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The Impact Of Zoning Laws On Real Estate Development

Developing a new property is an expensive and complex process. An important component that is often overlooked in this process is zoning laws. The zoning laws designate where property can be built and are governed by local ordinance. They not only impact the type of architecture, but also the use of a given parcel of land, such as residential or commercial uses. To find out the truth, click here

Here are the impacts of zoning laws on real estate development.

Development Opportunity

Zoning laws impact the potential uses of a property in a number of ways. One way is to make different parcels more or less valuable based on the zoning allowance. It can also limit the potential buyers of a property, whether it is residential or a commercial property. A parcel that is zoned for residential only will be limited to the buyers that want that type of use on the land they purchase.

Affordability Of The Property

Affordability can also be tied to zoning laws. Depending on the zoning laws, the price of a parcel could increase or decrease the quality of housing. For example, a parcel that is zoned for low income housing will have a lower price but probably will not be in the best area and will need work to meet code.

For commercial properties as well, there are implications for affordability. Depending on the zoning laws, there may be limitations imposed upon what type property can be built. That will impacts what kinds of tenants can occupy the space and how much rent must be charged for that use to be profitable. To discover what’s really going on, visit

Design Requirements For The Property

Likely due to complaints from neighbors, zoning laws often include design requirements. Certain areas are subject to different design requirements, particularly if the neighborhood has a certain desired aesthetic. These requirements may include setback and height restrictions, as well as special parking regulations.

Local Economy

Zoning laws impact local economies in many ways. They may help drive local jobs by encouraging the construction of new buildings. They can also lead to more commerce on a neighborhood level, which can increase revenue and tax receipts for local governments.

Stability Of Property Values

When zoning laws are put into effect, some properties will become less valuable than other properties due to the association with certain uses. This is because certain uses and uses in general are seen as being of higher value than others when it comes to attracting customers and making money.