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Cannabis: effective drug for chronic pain

The cannabis active ingredients THC and CBD should help chronic pain sufferers. But only some of the patients benefit from it. Many people know the hemp plant cannabis primarily as a prohibited intoxicant. But cannabis has also been increasingly used as a medicine for some years, especially in pain therapy. Cannabis preparations such as capsules, drops, oil or oral spray. Broad Spectrum Delta 8 Edibles are also available at many inline stores.

For a long time, cannabis medicines were only approved in some countries for spasticity and multiple sclerosis. Since few years through the “Cannabis as medicine” law makes it possible to also be prescribed cannabis medication for other serious illnesses. In exceptional cases, doctors may prescribe pure flowers or cannabis preparations in the form of capsules, drops, oil or as a mouth spray.

Doctors prescribe cannabis products such as dronabinol drops for chronically ill patients who can no longer tolerate common painkillers or whose painkillers are no longer effective.

Cannabinoids often do not have the desired success for some. According to the experience of many pain therapists over the past five years, cannabis is not the drug of the first choice because it only helps some patients. For many patients, the pain-reducing effect of the cannabis preparations is not good enough, and about a third discontinue the treatment after a while. The specialist society of pain experts is now expressing scepticism about cannabis medication due to a lack of effectiveness and a lack of studies. But for a few people, it has shown great benefits and people are trying to take it in very often. Even now it is easily available at many places and online stores and one does not need any prescriptions.