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Glass Pipes – Tips for beginners

Before smoking, you need to check the tobacco for moisture.  To do this, a small amount of tobacco must be firmly clamped between the fingers and then released.  If it has taken its original shape, then the humidity is sufficient. Also, before stuffing tobacco into a pipe, it must be slightly crushed so that dust is obtained, but homogeneous small fractions.  This will make stuffing, smoking and drafting easier.  You should go through this website and visit for more info and clear all your doubts.

Before lighting the pipe, it is necessary to slightly warm it in the palm of your hand to prevent the formation of condensate.

Do not fill the bowl to the very brim.  Leaving 3-4 mm unfilled, the smoker protects the edges of the bowl from burning.

While smoking, you do not need to take deep puffs, but only puff so that the flame spreads over the entire surface of the tobacco.

When smoking a pipe, it is important to observe the time intervals between puffs.  This will allow the smoke to cool slightly.  If the temperature of the smoke is too high, you just need to let the tube cool down a bit, but you cannot completely stop the process, otherwise, it will go out.

If the tobacco in the pipe does not smoulder well, it must be pressed lightly with a tamper.  It is not difficult to catch the moment when this should be done – the smoke becomes less voluminous and cooler.

The remnants of tobacco at the bottom of the bowl should be smoked carefully, avoiding overheating and burning the bottom.  The presence of a foreign smell indicates that it is time to stop smoking.