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Popular Trends in Engagement rings

Symbolizing eternal love and standing as a testimony to a lifelong and happy relationship, solitaires while ruling the roost are strongly contested by contemporary settings featuring exotic tinges with a variety of cuts.

Natural diamonds

A flawless diamond has infinite worth and is very precious; however these are not easy to find in nature. The value of a diamond is determined by the four famous Cs: carat, cut, color and clarity. Pure diamonds appear clear and colorless. A large number of naturally occurring diamonds are colored and this color is caused by dark inclusions in the crystal lattice of the stone. The presence of inclusions in a natural diamond determines its clarity and they appear during the formation stage of a diamond. These inclusions are the characteristic of the diamond and make each diamond unique.

  1. Taking a cue from Vintage Options

Adorned with ancient designs exemplifying the royal glory of yesteryears, these ornaments have started making their strong presence felt in the jewelry market. These antique pieces of timeless art are a juxtaposition of rustic look flaunting a modernistic appeal.

  1. Unique Settings

Identified as the east-west setting, this design focuses on a linear arrangement of stones with an idea to create a picture of one large stone. Sometimes capable of providing a double glitter, contrasting colored stones embedded in entwined designs gives an eye-popping coiled look to the ornament.

  1. Colored and Auxiliary Stones

Another modern trendsetter is the use of colored stones to break away from the monotonous plain whites. Brides wanting to steal the limelight are now turning to these tinted stones with different sober and bold tones.

  1. Use of different metals

Mounted on different metals, be it yellow or white gold and accompanied by twisted designs, these ornaments are no less than sophisticated and modern masterpieces that are surely becoming trendsetters.

  1. All about different cuts

Choice is to either opt for a standard cut or flaunt a customized cut. The current trend is witnessing a dominant surge of the cushion cut nestled with smaller gemstones. Gaining its popularity from extra shine, these rings are definitely the choice of today’s modern woman.

These artistically designed masterpieces while adding glitz to the ring finger of a woman, they are also believed to add their innate strength to the marital relationship of the would-be couple. Cherishing their memorable occasion for life, these  custom engagement ring Singapore souvenirs help in reliving every happy moment of their togetherness.