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What is Tudor boutique Singapore famous for?

Tudor is a fast-growing and go-to sports watch brand. It has claimed to have the backing of Rolex and the creative freedom to create more exciting pieces between the line of practicality and style. If he compared it with Rolex, this is the second most famous brand, so it is difficult to find a piece watch of Tudor. Being customized, it is expensive in the market. They come with limited brands, which are for without any say and are sold within no time. Tudor boutique Singapore brings you the best pre-owned and vintage watches from the company itself.

They have a concrete piece of range in the market and which comes especially around rugby season. Whenever there are launches from Tudor boutiques, people go crazy over it being expensive and luxurious, and it is a status symbol to have a watch from Tudor.

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Best picks from Tudor boutique Singapore

Here are a few best picks for the boutique collection:

  1. Black bay bronze is undoubtedly one of the most successful models today and is considered the flagship timing watch of the company. It has anti-corrosive case metal. And subtle slate grey dial with a beautiful black look gives it its name. This black bay has everything a proper watch needs: a unidirectional rotating bezel, luminescent indexes, and a case.
  2. Black bay GMT – this was released around 2018 after Rolex released the famous Pepsi kola GMT black start. It is a closure watch with you, and it has three time zones across its 24-hour hand and rotating 24-hour red and blue bezels. This is one of the company’s most started models, even with an oversized crown and a snowflake hand that defines its back bay.
  3. Submariner – Tudor released this future icon after 1954, and it was launched in modern times with a modern look. This has always been a pre-won’t market. It has a basic Steel version similar to the Rolex watch, and this iconic no-flake has a vintage look.
  4. Pelagos – it comes in the category of Tudors Black bay and is water resistant. It is an ultimate tool timepiece rug with deep sea survivalists. It comes with a titanium and steel case completed with a black ceramic disc set into a bezel. It comes with a crown on both IT sides, which does not interfere whenever you wear it, and it has an LT version that ensures even with differences of nature, the watch will not go off-hand, and girls remain the coolest extreme.
  5. Black bay Chrono – there is no doubt this is one of the best watch series of its time. Its dial is well-suited to the additional sub-dials, and the tachymeter bezel is simply fantastic. And gives a heritage driver look with its classic style, this game 2019 will be a limited edition and will stay at the top in the pre-owned market.

Therefore, Tudor and Rolex have always been the most significant competitors and are still one of the biggest competitors of each other. Tudor boutique Singapore brings the best of the company’s vintage and classical watches collection.